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there was this game for cartoon network called fusionfall where everyone was really hot like

numbuh 5




i mean just look at these frickers


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FusionFall: Numbuh Two Guy
I’ve just been filling the tag with couples lately so here have a rarely-drawn supporting character who is also one of my favourites 
I’m not actually sure what colour Hoagie’s eyes are; I was hesitating between blue and green (to balance it out since Kuki and Abby already have brown eyes), but green with the ginger hair seemed like it was going too overboard on stereotypical colour combinations so I went with blue
anyway yeah practicing a different body style since the last time I drew Hoagie his build didn’t look natural at all, I think it looks better this time. also I wasn’t using reference for the clothes so it ended up sort of a cross between the cartoon and game design. I wish I’d put in the big zip down the front of the shirt cause I love that but I can just draw Hoagie again another day
also hey if there’s anything you guys want to see, any characters I haven’t drawn yet, drop me a line and I’ll squirrel away the ideas for when I next get a sketching attack

NUMBER TWO!!! Sexy lol
No homo
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“I think I like this strange dimension :P I may not like big brother more here, but he certainly nicer to look at <3” - Nikki

Samurai Jack
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New FusionFall Homepage by ~Matulazo
WOOT!  It’s about time Cartoon Network did something new with this game.  Even if it’s just a new log-in screen it leaves me hopefully that maybe they haven’t just abandoned Fusion Fall.

I would ply this game just to see the older versions of these characters
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Currently playing Fusion Fall.  Who else knows this screen? :-D

Im looking at dexters hella sexy ass no homo